Ella Fitzgerald


April 25, 1918 – June 15, 1996

A celebrated jazz vocalist, “Lady Ella” Fitzgerald was known as the “Queen of Jazz” and the “First Lady of Song.”  She earned 13 Grammy awards as well as a number of other honors, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Ella’s unmistakable voice is often praised for its pure tone and flawless diction.

Her later life was plagued with health concerns and, after significant struggles with diabetes, she passed away in her home at the age of 79. Her last words were “I’m ready to go now.”  We should all be so lucky.


Inglewood Park Cemetery – Inglewood, CA

fitzgerald - jan 21 2013

Specific Location

Sunset Mission Mausoleum, Sanctuary of the Bells, Crypt 1063; Enter the door closest to the park’s E. Florence Ave. entrance; Go up the stairs on your left to the 2nd floor. Ella’s crypt is across the hall from the top of the stairs, 2 rows up



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