Dinah Shore


February 29, 1916 – February 24, 1994

One of the most popular Big Band-era female vocalists, Frances Rose “Dinah” Shore was probably most known for her later work in television – specifically The Ed Wynn Show, Colgate Comedy Hour and a number of self-titled variety programs. She worked with everyone from Bob Hope to Nat “King” Cole, Bing CrosbyJack Lemmon and Ella Fitzgerald – racking up an impressive number of Emmys along the way.

These days, Dinah splits her time between Hillside Memorial Park and Forest Lawn Cathedral City outside of Palm Springs, CA.  Must be nice to be able to afford two homes for the rest of eternity.


Hillside Memorial Park – Culver City, CA

Specific Location

Courts of the Book, Isaiah, Wall V, Crypt 247; In an exterior corridor in the back of the Mausoleum, second row up, just 2 spaces to the right of a stained-glass cross and doorway (very near actor Lorne Greene’s lawn grave.)


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