Robert F. Kennedy


November 20, 1925 — June 6, 1968

Robert Francis Kennedy was a U.S. Senator and the U.S. Attorney General under his brother, John’s, presidential administration.  Bobby was a leading figure in 1960’s American political and civil circles. He was instrumental in the Civil Rights movement of the day.  He was a Kennedy through and through, and held all the political aspirations that come with that.  Following the devastation of his older brother’s assassination, he ran for and was elected as Senator from New York. He ran for President in 1968 and was just on the cusp of securing the Democratic nomination when he was gunned down in a hotel kitchen in Los Angeles following his California primary victory speech.  He died two days later from his wounds.

He was buried a short distance from his brother in Arlington National Cemetery.


Arlington National Cemetery – Arlington, VA

Specific Location

Section 45, Grid U-33.5; Just to the left (south) of JFK’s massive grave plaza.


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