John Lennon

lennon1October 09, 1940 – December 08, 1980

John Winston Lennon was a singer/songwriter/artist/activist who co-founded a little band called the Beatles. As a young lad in Liverpool, Lennon met Paul McCartney and embarked on one of the most famous creative partnerships of all time.  The Beatles went on to record more than 20 No. 1 singles and 18 Platinum albums and become the most famous band in the world.  After the Beatles broke up, the members went their separate ways and embarked on successful solo careers.  Lennon recorded a number of solo efforts that were met with both critical and popular acclaim.  In 1969, Lennon, married conceptual artist, Yoko Ono, and the two became very vocal advocates for peace throughout the Vietnam conflict.

John Lennon was an immensely famous, popular and polarizing figure.  Despite his fame and peaceful demeanor, there were many who didn’t like him or his actions.  Which makes the fact that he was gunned down – not by someone who hated him, but rather a crazed fan – all the stranger.  On December 8th, 1980, as he and Ono were returning from the studio to their apartment at the Dakota on New York’s Upper West Side, Mark David Chapman approached Lennon and shot him four times. Lennon was pronounced dead at the hospital less than 30 minutes later.


Cremated – Rumor has long had it that Yoko scattered John’s ashes in a portion of New York’s Central Park near the Dakota – a place that has since become “Strawberry Fields.” Whether she did or whether Lennon’s ashes are still in a box under her bed, Strawberry Fields and its iconic “Imagine” mosaic serves as the unofficial site for fans wanting to pay their respects to the singer.



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