Bob Ross


October 29, 1942 – July 4, 1995

If television artist Bob Ross wasn’t the nicest guy in the world then I want nothing to do with the world.  Ross turned a love of painting and a lightning-fast technique known as “wet-on-wet” to soothe and entertain public television audiences for more than a decade.  In 1983, the former U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant turned from the loud yelling of the military to the quiet encouragement of painting a “happy little” landscape in real time on PBS.  His show, The Joy of Painting, was wildly popular due to the minimal tools required and oft-repeated techniques. But, of course, the main attraction was Ross’ calming and eternally-optimistic demeanor and he became something of a pop-culture icon by the time his show went off the air in 1994.  It was his health that forced the show to end. Ross died of lymphoma just a few months after his final show aired.  He was 52.


Woodlawn Cemetery – Gotha, FL

Specific Location

Toward the back of the cemetery is a large statue featuring the Holy family in front of 3 arches, Bob is buried near the road in this section in front of this statue, just next to a tree.



2 Responses to “Bob Ross”

  1. Lucy Cockle Says:

    I love you Bob Ross.

  2. K. Smith Says:

    I’m twenty three years late, but I’m still sad about Ross’ death. He was so gentle and kind and never did anything wrong. Whenever he painted, he added a good sense of humor to expressing and spreading his talent. I’ve never seen anyone so kind.

    He was too young to die. His death came far too early, but he will be remembered fondly. Rest in peace, Bob Ross. And Netlix, don’t you dare remove The Joy of Painting.

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