Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee

January 8, 1911 – April 26, 1970

As strippers go, they don’t come much more famous than Gypsy Rose Lee.

Ok…perhaps “burlesque artist” is more appropriate, what with all the negative connotations associated with the term “stripper” these days. Either way, Gypsy (born Ellen Hovick – officially in 1911; unofficially in 1914) turned her talents for the classic striptease and her wit to her advantage and became one of the most popular entertainers of her era starring in film and television long after the music ended at the old burlesque hall. And, she didn’t stop there. Gypsy was also a writer. She published a couple of novels, a play and a memoir entitled, well…”Gypsy: The Memoir.” The latter went on to be the inspiration for the hit Broadway musical, Gypsy. All in all, not a bad little run for a girl from Seattle who couldn’t really sing or dance well enough to breakout.  After an improbable career, Gypsy Rose succumbed to lung cancer at the age of either 59 or 56, depending on who you ask.


Inglewood Park Cemetery – Inglewood, CA

Specific Location

Pinecrest 1087, Grave #8; In the southeast corner of the Pinecrest section, near the intersection of Pinecrest, Utopia and Cascade Gardens, Gypsy’s grave is just 6 rows up from the south curb and 8 spaces in from the east curb.



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