Ed Sullivan

sullivan1September 28, 1901 – October 13, 1974

“Ed does nothing, but he does it better than anyone else in television.”
– Alan King

Edward Vincent Sullivan wasn’t a terribly talented man. He couldn’t really act.  Or sing. He was a decent writer, apparently, but who isn’t? Yet, somehow, he managed to change the face of the entertainment world forever. Rising through the ranks as a newspaper columnist, a radio entertainment commentator and ultimately, a television variety show host, Sullivan found a niche – something he didn’t have to be particularly great at, just good enough – and turned the world on its ear. His variety show, Toast of the Town, went on to become The Ed Sullivan Show and famously showcased new talent to audiences across the country. His show brought American audiences legendary performances by the Rolling Stones, Elvis, the Jackson 5, Richard Pryor, the Temptations, George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, the Supremes, and, of course…the Beatles. Ed may have done nothing, but his ability to do it gave us some of the most memorable moments in television history.

Ed died of esophageal cancer in 1974. He did not know he had it. His family did, but chose not to tell him. Not cool, family. Not cool.


Ferncliff Cemetery – Hartsdale, NY

Specific Location

Ferncliff Mausoleum, Unit 8, Alcove G, Crypt 122; Enter the mausoleum’s main entrance, Turn left, right, left, left then right to enter Unit 8, continue down, past Joan Crawford, until you dead end at a wall of crypts (get it? dead end?), Ed is buried to your right, 2 rows up, next to the elevator.


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