Eddie Cantor

cantor1January 31, 1892* – October 10, 1964

Edward Israel Iskowitz, aka Eddie Cantor, was an actor, comedian and performer known universally by the amazing nickname “Banjo Eyes.” Cantor got his start – like so many – on the Vaudeville stages as a youth (often appearing with a young Jimmy Durante) and moved through the familiar route of Broadway>Radio>Television/Film. He suffered a number of professional setbacks. Cantor lost much of his wealth in the stock market crash of 1929 and was later ostracized for speaking out against popular anti-semitic sentiment. But, the resilient comedian was able to bounce back fully by focusing on his humor in books and continued radio presence. He was heavily involved in politics and charitable causes, including the March of Dimes.  He died at the age of 72 of a heart attack in Los Angeles.


Hillside Memorial Park – Culver City, CA

Specific Location

Main Mausoleum, Hall of Graciousness, Crypt 207; Enter the main doors, turn right and then left down a main hall until you get to Jack Benny, turn left and Eddie’s crypt is on your right, in the third row up.

hillside_cantor*- exact date of birth is disputed


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