Frank Zappa

zappa1December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993

Frank Vincent Zappa was an influential, experimental musician who broke onto the popular music scene with his band’s (the Mothers of Invention) 1966 album Freak Out! Zappa’s style defied category as his works and compositions included rock, jazz and classical elements. His music drew on influences from everything from R&B to jazz. Over the course of his almost 40 year career, he experimented with sound and quietly influenced countless musicians that would follow. Throughout his public life, Zappa was an outspoken voice on subjects ranging from religion to illicit drugs. He was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two years after his death from prostate cancer at the age of 52.


Westwood Village Memorial Park – Los Angeles, CA

Specific Location

Section D, #100 (unmarked); Just to the west of Roy Orbison and Richard Dawson, Frank’s unmarked grave is immediately to the right of actor Lew Ayers.



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