Edward Kennedy

emk1February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009

The youngest (and longest-surviving) of the Kennedy brothers, Edward “Ted” Kennedy had, perhaps, even more of an impact on American politics than his siblings thanks to said longevity. He served in the U.S. Senate representing Massachusetts for 47 years. He was a leader in Democratic party and came to be known as the “Lion of the Senate.” But, he was a Kennedy and Kennedys don’t get a free pass, so of course, his life had its struggles.  In 1969, the infamous Chappaquiddick incident resulted in a car in a Martha’s Vineyard tidal channel and the death of his companion, Mary Jo Kopechne. The incident was a national scandal, naturally, and firmly put the brakes on any Presidential aspirations Teddy would have had. Probably for the best as both his brothers John and Bobby’s election and campaign (respectively) ended rather tragically. As it were, he remained in the Senate and remained there for four more decades. In 2008, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He continued to work as much as he could, but the tumor got the best of him the following year at the age of 77.


Arlington National Cemetery – Arlington, VA

Specific Location

Section S, Site 45-B; Just a short distance to the south of his brothers.



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