Alexander Hamilton

hamilton1January 11, 1757 – July 12, 1804

Along with Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton was probably the most famous non-presidential founding father of the United States. Hamilton served as the first Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington. He was an instrumental public interpreter of the Constitution and his Federalist Papers remains one of the most important documents in American history. Hamilton was able to remain influential (despite significant disagreements) to all of the first three Presidents. He resigned from office in 1795, however, after evidence of a previous extra-marital affair surfaced. So, he was also the first political scandal in the U.S. Always the trailblazer, I guess. His support of rival Thomas Jefferson over Senator Aaron Burr gained Jefferson the 1800 election. This, of course, ended poorly for Hamilton when an increasingly angry and embarrassed Burr challenged him to a public duel after Hamilton cost him the 1804 New York governor’s race as well. In the duel, Hamilton was shot through the abdomen. It is said that his intentions were to intentionally miss Burr (which he did) but he failed to follow the common procedures of the day and Burr didn’t get the memo. A paralyzed and agonized Hamilton was moved to a friend’s house in lower Manhattan where he died of his wounds the following day.

Years later, Lin-Manuel Miranda would read a biography about Hamilton while on vacation.


Trinity Churchyard – New York, NY

Specific Location

On the south side of the church, Hamilton’s large monument is easy to spot, even from outside the fence on Rector St.


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