Dred Scott

scott4Circa 1799 – September 17, 1858

Perhaps the most famous slave in American history, Dred Scott sued his owner for freedom citing time spent living in free states. Unfortunately for Scott, he filed suit in Missouri (the family’s permanent residence) which was a slave state at the time. Local courts ruled against him. His case, however, eventually made its way to the U.S. Supreme court where it also went against Scott. Having unsuccessfully tried gaining his and his family’s freedom through legal avenues, it wasn’t until months after the court decision that the Scotts were sold back to their original owners, the Blow family, who subsequently freed them. A now free Scott went to work as a porter in St. Louis, but his time was short-lived. He died of tuberculosis a little more than a year later. The outcome of his case would enact a lot of action from both pro and anti-slavery groups, but ultimately, the case helped garner support for Constitutional amendments not only abolishing slavery, but granting U.S. citizenship to former slaves.


Calvary Cemetery – St. Louis, MO

Specific Location

Section 1; This section is made up of 4 smaller areas, Dred’s penny-laden grave is in the westernmost of these areas near the road that separates it from the area to the east (also Section 1).


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