Honoré de Balzac

balzac1May 20, 1799 – August 18, 1850

A noted pioneer of the Realist movement in European literature, Honoré de Balzac was a highly influential novelist and playwright. Balzac’s work was known for its flawed characters and minute detail that outlined life in his native France (specifically, Paris) in the time after Napoleon. The energy that drove his characters and stories wasn’t just creation. The man, himself, lived life at a torrid pace. Many of his finished novels and plays are the result of meticulous – borderline obsessive – revision and gallons upon gallons of coffee. In the end, he created a body of work that directly inspired titanic writers like Proust, Dickens, Dostoyevsky and Faulkner. Later in life, Balzac married a woman who had written him an anonymous critical letter. He sought her out, began a relationship and the two were eventually married. Five months into the marriage, Balzac died suddenly at the age of 51. His funeral was attended by “every writer in Paris” and he was eulogized by friend and contemporary, Victor Hugo.


Père Lachaise Cemetery – Paris, FRANCE

Specific Location

Division 48, #1; Along the northwest side of Chemin C. Delavigne.


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