Max Factor

September 15, 1872 – August 30, 1938

Little Maksymilian Faktorowicz became interested in cosmetics and hair-styling at a young age. By the time he was 18, he had worked for cosmeticians and wigmakers in Germany and Russia. After a brief (mandatory) stint in the military, Max was named the official cosmetics expert for the Russian royal family. Things we going well, except for the fact that growing anti-Jewish sentiment was starting to rear its head in Eastern Europe. So, he moved to America with his wife and kids and started an empire. An empire made up of make-up (get it?) Factor, as he was now called, moved to Los Angeles and took full advantage of the need for hair and makeup stylings in the motion picture industry. His name and brand would eventually become one of the most recognizable in the entire cosmetics industry. Factor was literally scared to death after an attempt on his life in Paris shook him to the core. He returned home to California after the incident, confined himself to his bed and died. He was 65.


Hillside Memorial Park – Culver City, CA

Specific Location

Courts of the Book, Isaiah, Wall U, Crypt 314; In an exterior corridor in the back of the Mausoleum, there is a large square of darker marble crypts on the right side just steps into this corridor (not far from Michael Landon) Max’s crypt is located in the middle of this darker square, in the 3rd row up.



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