Lizzie Borden

borden1July 19, 1860 – June 01, 1927

In one of the most infamous “unsolved” murders in American history, Lizzie Andrew Borden became the late-19th century version of every present-day why-exactly-is-CNN-covering-this-trial/famous-only-for-doing-something-terrible “celebrity” we now see all the time. The facts were these: Lizzie’s father, Andrew, and step-mother, Abby, were brutally murdered in their Fall River, MA home by a hatchet wielding killer. Lizzie was accused of said wielding. Lizzie was acquitted. Lizzie lived out the rest of her life defiantly in the little community that was now – verdict aside – pretty terrified of her. She changed her name to Lizbeth and lived out the rest of her days ostracized by those around her, including her once-close sister. Lizbeth died following gallbladder surgery at the age of 66. She was quietly buried with her family in what was probably a pretty awkward afterlife reunion. No one else was ever charge with the murders.


Oak Grove Cemetery – Fall River, MA

borden (1)

Specific Location

Enter the cemetery through the western Prospect St. gate, take an immediate left then veer right onto Oak Ave., follow this around and stop  just before it intersects with Chestnut Ave, the Borden family plot is on your right.

Note: There are white arrows painted on the street that lead directly to Lizzie and her family.


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