Norman Rockwell

February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978

Norman Rockwell was a painter and illustrator who’s definitive style portraying every-day life in 20th Century America is instantly recognizable to generations of people. He spent nearly 50 years creating covers for The Saturday Evening Post, a weekly magazine that could be found in homes all across the country as well as countless other publications, books and stand-alone pieces. Rockwell’s ability to capture the “simple” life with humor and poignancy made him immensely popular. His ubiquitous work can still be seen today in doctors’ offices, during the holidays or in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Personal note: There was a copy of No Swimming in our guest room when I was growing up for as far back as I can remember.

Point is, Rockwell’s work is celebrated…and everywhere. In all, he produced more than 4,000 original pieces of art. Though many of his most famous works are comic and whimsical, Rockwell himself often had bouts of depression. He worked regularly into his 80’s before succumbing to emphysema at the age of 84.


Stockbridge Cemetery – Stockbridge MA

Specific Location

Once you actually find your way into the cemetery, the Rockwell family plot is toward the northwest corner surrounded by a hedge.



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