Stella Adler

adler1February 10, 1901 – December 21, 1992

To those outside the acting profession or theater and film circles, Stella Adler may not be an instantly recognizable name, but within these groups, she is a titanic figure. Adler rose to fame from a small child in a prominent Yiddish acting family in New York City. Her onstage upbringing led her to Broadway, London, Paris and Hollywood. At an early age, she met renowned Russian director, Konstantin Stanislavski, and was immediately enthralled with his teachings and techniques. After joining the famed Group Theater in New York, Adler studied under Stanislavski for a brief time in France. At that point, the course of her career as an acting teacher was basically set in stone. She moved to Los Angeles and went on to teach fundamentals of characterization to the likes of Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Judy Garland, Harvey Keitel, Elizabeth Taylor, Lena Horne, Warren Beatty, Dolores del Rio, Martin Sheen…you get the idea. She was kind of a big deal.

She continued to act and direct on stage into her 60s and taught even beyond that. She passed away of heart failure in L.A. at the age of 91 leaving behind multiple acting schools and a legacy that changed the profession forever.


Mount Carmel Cemetery – Queens, NY

Specific Location

Section 1 (Old), Block F, Path 11, Lot 373, Grave 7; From the main road, take Path 11 in Block F all the way to the point where it turns sharply to the right. Stella is buried on the right side of the path just a few spots before this turn.



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