Christy Brown

June 05, 1932 – September 07, 1981

Christy Brown was a writer and artist who, due to having cerebral palsy, wrote and painted with the toes on his left foot. His autobiography, aptly named “My Left Foot” was adapted into the 1989 Academy Award-winning film starring Daniel Day-Lewis. One of 13 (surviving) children, Brown’s family was instrumental in nurturing his talent despite pressure to send him off to a hospital to be raised. In all, Christy wrote several novels, memoirs, poetry collections and painted dozens of stylized paintings. He was married in 1972 and his life and health began to fall apart. Many suspected his wife of abusing him and destroying a portion of his artwork. In 1981, Christy Brown choked to death during dinner in their home in England. A tragic end to an inspiringly lucrative life.


Glasnevin Cemetery – Dublin, IRELAND

Specific Location

Saint Paul’s Section- IF 50; Enter the newer section across Finglas Road from the main cemetery, turn right (west) at the main crossroad and walk to the second section on your left. His grave is 8 rows into this section and about 9 spaces south of the crossroad.


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