Eric Carr

July 12, 1950 – November 24, 1991

Paul Caravello grew up in Brooklyn, New York idolizing – like many kids of his time – early rock ‘n’ roll bands like the Beatles. Caravello started dabbling in his own music during high school. A talented kid, he learned to play guitar, piano, drums and was also a vocalist. Over the course of the next decade, he joined a number of bands in and around New York that met with little success. By the age of 30, he had grown weary and was about to call it quits on his music career when a friend mentioned that the iconic rock band, Kiss, was looking for a new drummer.

Caravello confidently auditioned for the gig and was selected to take over for Peter Criss, who had left the band 6 months earlier. He adopted the stage name “Eric Carr” and settled on the grease-paint-make-up character of “The Fox.” He jumped right into the band’s tour and remained behind the kit for the next decade recording and touring for their next 8 albums. He also lent his voice and other instrument skills to various songs during his time with Kiss. In 1991, Carr was diagnosed with heart cancer and underwent multiple treatment efforts to overcome the disease. During his illness, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley temporarily replaced Carr with another drummer, Eric Singer. They insisted he focus on regaining his health, but Carr took their actions as a slight. Despite being very sick, he appeared in the band’s music video for “God Gave Rock and Roll to You.” He died later that year at the age of 41, the same day as Queen front man, Freddie Mercury.


Cedar Hill Cemetery – Newburgh NY

Specific Location

Mausoleum; Enter the mausoleum through the far right door (not the main/center one) and go straight back into a room with a skylight and an eagle statue in the middle of it. Eric’s crypt is located across from this statue, on your right as you walk in, 3rd row up, 2nd column from the doorway.


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