Lou Brock

June 18, 1939 – September 6, 2020

As a baseball player, one could certainly do worse than follow the path of Lou Brock. From joining the baseball team in college in hopes of securing a scholarship to be able to stay in school…to setting stolen base records and becoming a first-ballot hall of famer, Brock’s baseball career was anything but typical.

He made the team in his first year at Southern University and batted a paltry .189.

He got better.

After college, Brock was signed by the Chicago Cubs where he started to show the speed he brought to the game. His lack of consistent hitting and power failed to wow the Cubs and they traded him in 1964 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

He got better.

Brock helped turn the St. Louis’ season around and they won the World Series that fall. Brock would win another World Series title with the Cardinals in 1967 and become the National League leader in stolen bases 8 times. He was a 6 time All-Star and broke nearly all of the stolen base records in the books. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985 with over 3,000 career hits and over 1,600 runs scored. His career 938 stolen bases stood as a record until 1991.

Lou Brock died at the age of 81 near St. Louis. He is buried not far from another Cardinal legend whose shoes he filled back in 1964: Stan Musial.


Bellerive Gardens – Creve Coeur, MO

Specific Location

Main Mausoleum – Enter the front doors and Lou is buried 6 spaces in on your right and 4 rows up.


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