Joan Crawford


March 23, 1904 – May 10, 1977

Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur) was one of Hollywood’s brightest stars in the 1930’s.  Her meteoric rise from “flapper” to sliver screen legend paved the way for a roller coaster of a life.  Her motion picture career stalled out and was revived a number of times over its course. She died a recluse in 1977 at the age of 73.

Crawford is perhaps most widely remembered according to the tell-all book, Mommie Dearest, written after her death by her adopted daughter, Christina.  The book does not paint a very flattering portrait of Crawford and recounts years of alleged emotional and physical abuse.  It also is the reason I, to this day, do not use wire hangers.


Ferncliff Cemetery – Hartsdale, NY

Specific Location

Ferncliff Mausoleum, Unit 8, Alcove E, Crypt 42; Enter the mausoleum’s main entrance, Turn left, right, left, left then right to enter Unit 8, Joan’s crypt is on the left side of Alcove E (on your right,) two rows up from the floor.


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