Brittany Murphy


November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009

A performer most of her short life, Brittany Murphy moved to California from New Jersey at the age of 13.  She found roles in both television and movies with her breakout role being the character Tai in 1995’s Clueless. Murphy went on to star in a number of other box office successes such as 8 Mile, Sin City, Girl, Interrupted and Just Married (with one-time boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher.)  She also did some notable voice-over work (King of the Hill, Happy Feet) and had a pretty decent singing career.

At the age of 32, Murphy was found unresponsive in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home by her husband, Simon Monjack. Paramedics were unable to resuscitate her and she was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Official cause was ruled as pneumonia and anemia (with a host of legal prescriptions not helping the situation at all).  Less than six months later, Monjack was also found dead in the same house of the same cause. Time to warm up the bulldozers.


Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Hollywood Hills, CA

Specific Location

Bright Eternity, Lot 7402, Grave 1; Just up the hill (southwest) from Blue Bell Lane, a few rows down from, and between, two stone benches (the right bench is also near a white statue)



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