Charles Bronson


November 3, 1921 – August 30, 2003

Born Charles Dennis Buchinsky, Charles Bronson was a classic Hollywood tough guy.  In addition to starring turns in such iconic movies as The Dirty Dozen, The Magnificent SevenThe Great Escape and Death Wish, he was also a B-29 gunner in World War II. He received a Purple Heart.  He was a total badass.

Alas, even badasses get pneumonia and die.  Which is just what Bronson did after a successfully lengthy career and a brief battle with Alzheimer’s.


Brownsville Cemetery – Windsor, VT

Specific Location

Along the trees at the northern-most point of the cemetery; clearly marked with an iron bench and two large flower planters.


One Response to “Charles Bronson”

  1. Charlie Stehlin Says:

    I visited this grave yesterday March 26,2017. I was in the older cemetery across the road when an elder woman stopped to tell me Charles Bronson is buried across the road. She pointed to the two bright plastic bouquets of yellow flowers way on the far end which led me to this beautifully designed flat marker where the late actor is buried. There’s an iron chair behind the grave which faces south with a pleasing view of Ascutney Mountain. I never knew Bronson had roots in Vermont. A very serene setting. Thank you Mrs. Ells for leading me to this plot. When I was a boy I was really into Bronson’s movies so visiting his grave was an added bonus to my adventures yesterday.

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