Soupy Sales

January 8, 1926 – October 22, 2009

Milton Supman was a radio and television personality, actor and comedian who was known to the world by the nickname given to him as a boy: Soupy.  After hosting a number of local radio and TV shows, Sales started Lunch With Soupy on a Detroit local channel.  The show, which was a mélange of slapstick, puns, sight gags and pie throwing became a hit and in 1959, began to air nationally on ABC. After the show was canceled, there were additional local runs in Los Angeles and New York. Soupy continued to host a variety of shows – often at the same time as others  – throughout his career.  He was also an avid jazz fan and hosted a show called Soup’s On that featured a number of top jazz artists of the day.


Kensico Cemetery – Valhalla, NY

Specific Location

Friar’s Club Section; On Commerce Road, just north of a tree, a few rows up from the curb.



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