Audrey Meadows

Audrey Meadows The Honeymooners, c. 1955 - 1957

February 8, 1922 — February 3, 1996

If your one and only claim to fame is playing the straight foil to Jackie Gleason’s frenetic and iconic Ralph Kramden, then you’re still doing alright.  Audrey Meadows was a stage and TV actress who just happened to win the role of Alice Kramden despite being “too pretty.” Meadows played Alice a couple of times prior to The Honeymooners becoming a hit TV show and she never looked back. Jackie and Audrey would revive the Kramdens ocassionally, even after the show went off the air.  It was truly a lifelong character.  She did, however, manage to make quite a nice non-Alice career for herself appearing on many shows including Murder, She Wrote, Too Close For Comfort and The Simpsons.  At the age of 73, Audrey died of lung cancer and was buried next to her husband, former Continental Airlines president, Bob Six.


Holy Cross Cemetery – Culver City, CA

Specific Location

Section F, Tier 29, Grave 58; About 30 rows down the hill from the large Pieta statue behind (north of) the Grotto section, keep an eye on the small, round markers that mark the tiers and grave numbers, these will guide you to her location.



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