Sandra Dee


April 23, 1942 – February 20, 2005

A model and actress known for her roles as wholesome ingenues, Sandra Dee (born Alexandra Zuck) was probably most famous for her marriage to and divorce from ill-fated singer, Bobby Darin.  Her career spanned nearly 40 years, but the bulk of the last 20 were spent much out of the public eye due to constant health issues. She battled anorexia (that stemmed from her early days as a model,) depression and alcoholism throughout her life. For younger audiences who never really got to see her on the big screen, her clean-cut, on-screen persona was memorably recalled in the mocking “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee” from the Broadway and film musical Grease. Dee died of kidney disease at the age of 62.


Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Hollywood Hills, CA

Specific Location

Court of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Enduring Protection; At the eastern end of the main walkway in the Court of Remembrance, to the right of the statue of Jesus, Sandra is buried on the left inside the Sanctuary of Enduring Protection, three tiers in and three rows up.



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