Cesar Romero

romero1February 15, 1907 – January 1, 1994

Known to some as The Cisco Kid, to others as Falcon Crest‘s Peter Stavros, and almost universally as The Joker from the 1960’s Batman television series, Cesar Romero was everywhere for a good number of years.  His other credits included Freddie Prinze’s absent father on Chico and the Man and a slew of Latin lover roles. Romero was also a dancer and comedian and appeared in lighthearted musicals such as Springtime in the Rockies – with fellow Golden West resident, Betty Grable. But, it is likely The Joker for which he is most remembered. The toothy grin, white face paint and trademark cackle are pop-culture mainstays. Cesar, a lifelong “confirmed bachelor,” died on New Year’s Day in 1994.


Inglewood Park Cemetery – Inglewood, CA

Specific Location

Mausoleum of the Golden West, Alcove of Music, Niche 408; Enter the mausoleum’s “Cenotaph” (right) entrance, turn right when you enter, then immediately left, walk to the 3rd corridor and turn right into the Sanctuary of Reverence, then left into the Sanctuary of Dreams, Cesar’s ashes are in a harp-shaped receptacle in a glass case on your left.



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