Jim Backus

backus2February 25, 1913 – July 3, 1989

As Thurston Howell III on the classic CBS sitcom Gilligan’s Island, Jim Backus played to a personal strength: his ability to portray lovable upper-class snobs. Gilligan’s “millionaire” was just the most famous of his well-to-do characters, but he made a good living portraying them on radio and in television for decades. Of course, he was notable for playing another famous character, as well. He was the voice of the near-sighted cartoon character, Mr. Magoo on television and film. Jim also wrote a number of humorous books (co-authored with his wife, Henny,) starred in movies and made guest appearances on other TV shows. But, it was always Magoo and Howell to which he kept returning. Even if that meant wasting his final onscreen appearance shilling popcorn…



Westwood Village Memorial Park – Los Angeles, CA

Specific Location

Section D; On the western side of the large middle lawn section, two rows south of a tree and about 7 spaces from the western curb.



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