Lawrence Welk

welk1March 11, 1903 ā€“ May 17, 1992

“A one and a two . . . “

Lawrence Welk may be the most famous accordion player of all time.

He’s probably the most famous German-speaking accordion player of all time.

And, he’s MOST DEFINITELY the most famous German-speaking accordion player of all time from North Dakota.

Born in predominantly (entirely?) German-speaking, Strasburg, ND, Welk led a big band on small-time tours around the country until he finally settled in Los Angeles. In L.A., he parlayed his wholesome, folksy persona and music into a very successful, very G-rated variety show. The Lawrence Welk Show ran for 27 years and featured all the bubbles and awesome fashion one would imagine. Beyond the “Champagne Music,” Welk was a savvy businessman who was involved in successful real estate and restaurant ventures and even a few U.S. patents. At the age of 89, shortly after retiring from public appearances, Lawrence Welk died in his home of pneumonia.


Holy Cross Cemetery – Culver City, CA

Specific Location

Section Y, T9, 110; In the lawn section immediately to the southeast of the mausoleum, Lawrence is buried 9 rows up from the southeastern curb, in direct line with a white statue of St. Francis.



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