James Coburn

coburn1August 31, 1928 – November 18, 2002

Best known for “tough guy” roles throughout his 45 year career, Academy Award winner, James Harrison Coburn III, was the epitome of cool. His huge, toothy grin was unmistakable and his hip demeanor was more “Rat Pack” than ruffian – despite his ominous presence on both the large and small screens. He is probably best remembered for his many roles in westerns and other action films. He appeared alongside fellow screen-toughies Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape. Coburn suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for much of his later years. This limited the amount of work he was able to do.  Though, it seemed to bring out the best in him as he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in 1998’s Affliction. He died 2002 of a heart attack in his home at the age of 74.


Westwood Village Memorial Park – Los Angeles, CA

Specific Location

In the Garden of Serenity section at the south end of the park there are two fountains, as you enter the garden, the fountain on your right (to the west) has a marble bench on the other side of it, James’ ashes are interred in this bench. It’s exactly opposite of Peggy Lee‘s bench.



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