Marty Feldman

feldman1July 08, 1934 – December 02, 1982

Just about everyone knows Marty Feldman and his distinctive (and ridiculous) eyes from his performance as Igor in Mel Brooks’ classic comedy Young Frankenstein. But, Feldman got his start in more famous circles even than that. As a young comedian in the U.K., Feldman appeared on television and wrote with many future comedy legends, including John Cleese and Graham Chapman – who would go on to co-found the iconic Monty Python comedy group. In fact some of Python’s more memorable sketches (“Four Yorkshiremen,” “Bookshop”) were co-written by Marty. He was a staple on British television for years and had some success in the U.S. with appearances on The Dean Martin Show and The Muppet Show – where he hilariously compared eyes to equally-googly-eyed Cookie Monster. At the age of just 48, Feldman – a heavy smoker and coffee drinker – died of a sudden heart attack in Mexico.


Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Hollywood Hills, CA

Specific Location

Court of Liberty, Garden of Heritage, Lot #5420; Facing south toward the George Washington statue, Marty is buried to the left on the lawn in front of the Court of Liberty, around the first corner, in the second family plot along the wall.



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