Nicole Brown Simpson

brownsimpson1May 19, 1959 – June 12, 1994

Maybe, just maybe you have heard about the death of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Born in Germany, Nicole Brown’s family moved to California when she was young. She dabbled in acting, modeling and photography and lived the quintessential Orange County affluent life. When she was just 18, she met former football star O.J. Simpson. The two began a long relationship and were married seven years later. They had two kids together. However, the relationship – apparently – wasn’t all roses and sunshine. I know, right?

After the marriage ended in 1992, things got worse. The next thing anybody knew, Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were dead, the “Trial of the Century” forced its way into every living room in the country and O.J. was eventually acquitted of the double murder. I’m not here to say that O.J. did or didn’t do it (but, come on!) but one thing can’t be denied, a woman in the prime of her life was tragically killed and two kids were left without a mother. The case remains officially unsolved to this day.


Ascension Cemetery – Lake Forest, CA

Specific Location

Section A, Tier 17, Grave 97; Behind the mausoleum, about 3 rows back from the wall at the southwestern corner of the building.



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