Freddie Prinze

prinze1June 22, 1954 – January 29, 1977

Frederick Karl Pruetzel was a Hungarican (Hungarian/Puerto Rican – his word, not mine) actor and comedian who exploded onto the comedy circuit in the 1970’s. He wanted to be known as the Prince of Comedy, so he changed his name to Freddie Prinze and made people laugh. His short career was catapulted after an appearance on  The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and soon he was given his own sitcom: Chico and the Man. The show as a success and everything looked great for the young man from New York. Unfortunately, he struggled with depression and allegedly liked to play the russian roulette from time to time. Because, you know, it’s hilarious. Intentionally or not, Prinze shot himself in the head in front of his manager shortly after he was divorced from his wife. He was just 22. It’s a sad story, but it’s okay. We have another one.


Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Hollywood Hills, CA

Specific Location

Court of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Light,  Crypt 2355 – On the right side of this small sanctuary between the second and third courts (behind Liberace), second row up, just two spaces from the end between his father and George Raft.



3 Responses to “Freddie Prinze”

  1. why is the placque on his grave so very tarnished? i know some would call it “patina” but what would it cost to have his placque cleaned up.

  2. I think it’s just the way the elements are in the area. I know there are a lot of markers that tend to fall into disrepair (See: Buster Keaton, for instance). I also know that they are pretty simple to clean up. It just takes some doing and time. There are people out there who pay attention to that kind of thing and try to clean up celebrity markers whenever they can. Sometimes, the photo is just taken during a lull in care.

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