Rod Steiger

steiger1April 14, 1925 – July 9, 2002

Appearing in over 100 movies, Academy Award winner Rod Steiger was about as powerful of a screen presence and you could find. His turns in such classics as Oklahoma!, On the Waterfront, In the Heat of the Night and Doctor Zhivago are woven into the fabric of the history of film. In an attempt to escape his alcoholic mother, a young Steiger joined the Navy and served in World War II. Following the war, he broke into show business via stage and live television and embarked on a 50 year career that saw him do everything from channel Napoleon Bonaparte (Waterloo) to fight off comic alien invaders (Mars Attacks!). Through it all, he remained one of the most recognized actors of his and several generations to follow. At the age of 77, he died of complications brought on by pneumonia.


Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Hollywood Hills, CA

Specific Location

Court of Remembrance, Columbarium of Providence; In this room, to the north of Cubby Broccoli’s sarcophagus, Rod is interred on the right-hand wall directly to the left of a white statue.



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