Napoleon Bonaparte

bonaparte1August 15,1769 – May 5, 1821

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most famous (or infamous) leaders of France in its history. Quickly rising through the tumult of the French Revolution, Napoleon, installed himself at the head of the government in a 1799 coup d’état. He named himself First Consul, but less than five years later decided that Emperor was a better gig. As the leader of the French Empire, he set in place new legal codes, more tolerant religious views and a number of other reforms. He also fought a LOT of wars. The series of coalitions that came to be known as the Napoleonic Wars left broad swaths of Europe in tatters. In 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia. Not smart. Two years later he was finally deposed after Paris was captured by the British and other Allied forces. He was exiled to the Italian island of Elba. He escaped, of course, and resumed power for 100 days. He then fled again and was finally recaptured. Napoleon spent the remaining years of his life imprisoned on the Atlantic island of St. Helena. He died in the prison from either stomach cancer or poison, depending on who you ask. His body was returned to Paris and he was buried (some 40 years later) in a modest grave along the Seine.


Les Invalides – Paris, FR

Specific Location

Lower level, under the main dome.



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