Ron Silver

silver2July 2, 1946 – March 15, 2009

Ron Silver was an actor, director and political activist who was known for his television roles that included appearances on Rhoda, Wiseguy and The West Wing. He also served as the president of the Actor’s Equity Association – the live theatre labor union – for nearly a decade. In addition to his many professional credits, he was very outspoken in the political arena, particularly in regard to issues surrounding Israel. Following the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, he switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Independent to support President George W. Bush. This perceived “flip-flop” strained many of his working relationships with some of his more liberal fellow Hollywoodites. In 2007, long-time smoker Ron Silver contracted esophageal cancer. He succumbed to the disease two years later.


Westchester Hills Cemetery – Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Specific Location

At the back of the cemetery in the southeast corner, at the top of the hill along the treeline.



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