Darren McGavin

May 7, 1922 – February 25, 2006

“Fra-gee-lay” …it must be Italian!”

Darren McGavin’s career spanned more than 40 years. He appeared in films ranging from 1955’s Summertime with Katharine Hepburn to Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison in 1995. His second most well-known role was that of Carl Kochak in the TV movie The Night Stalker and its subsequent sequel and spin-off series. McGavin’s MOST well-known role was, of course, as the comically gruff and oblivious old man in the 1983 holiday classic, A Christmas Story. He guest starred on popular shows like Murphy Brown and The X-Files and – in the end – appeared in dozens and dozens of movies and TV shows. Declining health slowed him down the final years of his life and he died at the age of 83.


Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Los Angeles, CA

Specific Location

Section 7, Lot 203, Grave 14 – On the west side of Midland Avenue, immediately to the south of and 2 rows behind the large, reddish HOVANESYAN monument, just two rows west and one space south of Vampira.


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