Al Jarreau

March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017

Jazz singer Al Jarreau walked by night. And he flew by day. Nothing could change him. Set and sure of the way. Originally from Wisconsin, Jarreau got his professional start in night clubs in the San Francisco area. L.A. would soon call and with it came TV appearances, recording contracts, Grammys and acclaim. With hits like “We’re in This Love Together” and “After All”, Jarreau’s smooth vocals resonated with audiences. Later in his career he focused on live shows and even appeared on Broadway in the 1996 revival of Grease. His biggest hit (at least in my house) was the theme song to the late-80s television show, Moonlighting. In February of 2017, Jarreau abrubtly ended his tour and retired due to health issues. He died of respiratory failure a few days later at the age of 76.



Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills – Hollywood Hills, CA

Specific Location

Court Of Liberty, Lot 2111, Companion Garden Crypt 1; Walk past the central statue of George Washington, up (south) 3 terraces, Al’s grave will be in the first lawn section on this terrace on your left as you face the Liberty mural, on the north side of the east/west sidewalk, just one row south and a couple of spaces west of Bill Paxton.


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