Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

December 9, 1909 – May 7, 2000

Being the son of a Hollywood legend is a great way to get your start in the movie business. Being a decent actor is a great way to have a long and successful career making movies. Fortunately for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., he was both. As a very young man, he struggled to make a name for himself for a while before breaking out opposite Edward G. Robinson in 1931’s Little Caesar and in 1939’s Gunga Din. He went on to work in films in both Hollywood and in England leading up to World War II. During the war, Fairbanks was commissioned as a reserve officer and became a decorated Captain in the Navy for creating the Beach Jumpers special deception unit. Following the war, he continued to work on both sides of the pond. Like his father, Fairbanks was married 3 times. His first marriage was to legendary actress, Joan Crawford. He continued to work for over 70 years. He wrote a few books. He won some awards. He died at the age of 90 from a heart attack.


Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Los Angeles, CA

Specific Location

Immediately to the west of the Cathedral Mausoleum, Fairbanks’ elaborate marble tomb and reflecting pool are hard to miss. He is interred with his father.


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