Jeff Healey

healey2March 25, 1966 – March 2, 2008

Jeff Healey’s place in pop-culture extends well beyond the fact that he was a talented blues-rock guitarist and singer who had one really great year. His eponymous trio, The Jeff Healey Band, had a monster hit in Canada and the U.S. with 1989’s “Angel Eyes” and he dominated the Toronto club scene in the mid-to-late 1980s. After the success of their first single and album, The JHB went on to record four more albums over the ensuing dozen or so years. But, Jeff didn’t just front his blues-rock band. Having been blinded by cancer as a child, he taught himself to play guitar in a unique lap style that made him an instantly recognizable figure. Healey (and the band) appeared as the “house band” in the 1989 Patrick Swayze classic action film, Road House, allowing Jeff to stretch himself as an actor as well. His later career saw him pursuing another musical passion, jazz. He recorded a number of albums and recordings (he also played trumpet) as a part of The Jazz Wizards. In 2014, Jeff Healey was posthumously inducted into the Canada’s Walk of Fame. In 2008, he died after a battle with a cancerous sarcoma. He was just 41.


Park Lawn Cemetery – Toronto, ON, CANADA

Specific Location

Section Y, Plot 555 – Enter through the Prince Edward Dr. entrance, take the first right you come to, then the second left, then the next right. Park at the point where this curved road intersects with a single-lane road off to the left marked “DO NOT ENTER”. Section Y is on your left and Jeff is buried 6 rows in, just beyond a large tree, two spaces in from that one way road.


One Response to “Jeff Healey”

  1. I met Jeff Healey in the early 1980s in Brampton, Ont. at the old Roxy Theater. He was just starting out and had no band. My friend Willis Jarvis invited me to a Country Jamberee that was held every Sunday downtown Brampton, Ont. Jeff came on stage by himself and started to play. I said to Willis, Wow that guy can really play, who is he? I told Willis this young man will be big someday.

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