Corey Haim

December 23, 1971 – March 10, 2010

Once a “Lost Boy”…

1980’s teen heartthrob, Corey Haim, got into acting at a young age when he was discovered at one of his sister’s auditions. By the time he was 15, he was already playing lead roles (Lucas, Stephen King’s Silver Bullet), but it was 1987’s vampire teen classic, The Lost Boys, that launched Haim – and a fair number of other young stars – into the limelight. It was on the set of Boys where Haim met his lifelong on-and-off-screen friend, Corey Feldman. The two Coreys would dominate the teen box office together for the next several years, churning out hits like License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.  And dream, they did. With all of the trappings that come with a young, successful career in Hollywood, Haim quickly began running the natural gambit from good (famous girlfriends) to bad (lots and lots of drugs.) By the mid-’90s, Haim was in and out of rehab more than he was on movie sets. He continued to work. He did drugs. He went bankrupt. He did drugs. In 2004, he seemingly cleaned up and mounted a calculated comeback. This included a reality show with Feldman called “The Two Coreys” that chronicled said comeback. It worked for a while, but the two fought and eventually quit the show. Feldman was forced to exercise some tough love on his friend, claiming he wouldn’t work with him until we was clean. Haim tried. The two reconciled. But by 2010, an exhausted Haim died of…well, pneumonia, actually. Multiple lifetimes’ worth of living crammed into 38 years will catch up with you one way or the other, I suppose. The Tiger Beat icon was buried in his native Ontario.


Pardes Shalom Cemetery – Vaughan, ON, CANADA

Specific Location

Phase 5, Section JJJJJ – Enter the cemetery and take Central Road straight all the way to the back, take a left on Elm Road and follow that around to the right around the back of the section. Corey is buried in the northeast corner near a memorial bench.


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