Rachel Kempson

May 28, 1910 – May 24, 2003

Rachel Kempson was an English actress who was as well regarded for her work on stage and screen as she was for launching an acting dynasty. Classically trained at RADA and a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Kempson married matinee idol – and son of actors – Michael Redgrave in 1935. The couple starred together in a number of productions throughout their long careers. They had 3 children, Vanessa, Corin and Lynn Redgrave…all of whom forged their own, successful acting careers.
The Redgrave family became one of the most famous acting families of the 20th century. In addition to Rachel’s kids, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren also became actors. Kempson appeared in dozens of movies including Tom Jones, Jane Eyre (1970) and Out of Africa. In addition to appearing with her husband, she worked often with her children.

In 1959, Michael Redgrave was knighted, officially making Kempson “Rachel, Lady Redgrave”…a title she chose not to use professionally. In 2003, Kempson died of a stroke in the New York home of her granddaughter, actress Natasha Richardson.


Saint Peter’s Episcopal Cemetery – Lithgow, NY


Specific Location

At the northern edge of the cemetery, when the road turns to grass, stop and Rachel is buried in front of you at the back of the cemetery, just to the left (north) of her daughter, Lynn, just a few yards to the northwest of her granddaughter, Natasha Richardson.



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