George Burns and Gracie Allen


January 20, 1896 – March 9, 1996
July 26, 1895 – August 27, 1964

One of the great comedy teams of all-time, Burns and Allen were vaudeville, radio, film and television legends.  They met in New Jersey and embarked on a career – and life – together that would entertain audiences for decades. George was the classic straight man to Gracie’s madcap comic.  They eventually made the jump from stage to film and television and moved their popular radio program, The Burns and Allen Show, to television, where it ran for 8 years.  In 1964, after a long battle with heart disease, Gracie said “Goodnight” and died. Leaving George to continue his career without his partner and wife. If you’re anything like me, you grew up in the latter part of the 20th century only knowing Burns as the cigar-chomping, deadpan grandpa-like figure below.

burns1That’s the beauty of living 100 years, you can be known and loved by many different people for many different reasons. Despite everyone’s expectations of George living forever, the comedian finally reformed the team just a month or so after his 100th birthday.  After 32 years apart, the epitaph on their crypt says it all: “TOGETHER AGAIN”


Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Glendale, CA

Specific Location

Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Heritage; Enter the mausoleum and take your first right, on the left will be the Sanctuary of Heritage, Gracie and George are on the right-hand side, second tier up and 4 spaces into the corridor, just two rows down and one space to the left of Nat King Cole.



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