Lucille Ball

August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989

Arguably the most famous comedic actress of all time, Lucille Ball was a mainstay at the top of the television mountain for decades. The model-turned-actor started her groundbreaking run in 1951 when she and her husband, bandleader, Desi Arnaz, created and starred in the now-classic sitcom, I Love Lucy. Lucy ran for 6 seasons and became the standard blueprint for sitcoms for generations to follow.

Lucy and Desi didn’t last (they divorced in 1960) but Desilu Productions – the production company they founded – laid the groundwork for Ball to become a powerful producer and studio executive – a rarity for women at the time. Lucy went on to create and star in additional TV shows like The Lucy Show, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour and Here’s Lucy. Throughout her career, Ball appeared on TV, stage and in movies. She influenced countless women like Carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore to follow in her footsteps.

Born in Jamestown, New York, young Lucille moved to New York City in her teens to attend drama school. She met Arnaz in 1940 and the two eloped later the same year. After their divorce, Ball married comedian Gary Morton with whom she would stay for the remainder of her life. In 1989, at the age of 77, Ball entered the hospital suffering an aortic aneurysm. She had successful surgery to repair the damage, but a week later suffered a second aneurysm and died. She was originally interred at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, but in 2002, her family moved her back to Jamestown to be laid to rest with her parents.


Lake View Cemetery Association – Jamestown, NY

Specific Location

The fastest and easiest way to find Lucy in this large cemetery is to enter from the southwest gate at the intersection of Buffalo St. and N. Main St….then follow the painted white line dotted with “Lucy” hearts on the road to the gravesite.


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