Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills

The second largest of the Forest Lawn memorial parks, FLHH has two things going for it that its older sibling doesn’t: 1) virtually no private or locked areas and 2) room to expand – and therefore, a larger number of more recent celebrity burials.  While security can still be tight, this park is considerably more approachable.  However, the staff is still as tight-lipped as ever, so don’t bother asking for locations. Just get your map and politely be on your way.

The views of nearby Burbank and the San Fernando Valley can be quite nice as well.


Notable Burials

Allen, Steve*
Amsterdam, Morey
Autry, Gene
Avery, Tex*
Benedict, Richard*
Berry, Fred “Rerun”*
Bosley, Tom
Broccoli, Albert “Cubby”
Carradine, David
Convy, Bert
Crothers, Scatman
Davis, Bette
Dee, Sandra
Dio, Ronnie James
Duncan, Michael Clarke
Feldman, Marty
Fisher, Carrie
Franklin, Melvin
Gibb, Andy
Hayes, Gabby*
Hussle, Nipsey*
Hutchence, Michael
Iwerks, Ub
Jarreau, Al
Kane, Bob
Keaton, Buster
Kovacs, Ernie
Lamour, Dorothy*
Lang, Fritz*
Laughton, Charles*
Laurel, Stan
Maren, Jerry
Marshall, Garry
Marshall, Penny*
Moore, Alvy
Murphy, Brittany
Nelson, Harriet
Nelson, Ozzie
Nelson, Ricky
Paxton, Bill
Prinze, Freddie
Raft, George
Rawls, Lou
Reynolds, Debbie
Ritter, John
Rivera, Naya*
Sanford, Isabel
Savalas, Telly
Singleton, John*
Sizemore, Tom*
Steiger, Rod
Stevenson, McLean
Tayback, Vic*
Taylor, Meshach*
Van Cleef, Lee*
Van Patten, Dick
Walker, Paul
Webb, Jack*
Whitfield, Norman*
Willard, Fred*
Williams, Cindy*
Wooden, John

*- denotes a grave I have not yet located or visited

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