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John Quincy Adams

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adams2July 11, 1767 – February 23, 1848

John Quincy Adams was the 6th President of the United States. While his presidency was unremarkable, even by early standards, his life in national politics was certainly impactful. He is the only U.S. President to serve in the House of Representatives AFTER leaving the presidency. He represented Massachusetts in Washington D.C. for the final 17 years of his life. Prior to being elected President, he served in the U.S. Senate and as Secretary of State under James Monroe. Despite all of this, he is probably best remembered for his service and prowess as a foreign diplomat. Continue reading

John Adams

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adams1October 30, 1735  – July 4, 1826

Up to this point, the entries here have been contemporary (20th century on) celebs.  It’s time to mix it up a bit.

John Adams was the 2nd President of the United States, the 1st Vice-President of the United States and a key figure in the American Revolutionary War, the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  He also served in Europe as the U.S. Ambassador to Holland and Great Britain. He was a busy dude. Continue reading