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This is a blog about visiting the final resting places of famous people.  It’s incredibly difficult to visit said places when said famous people are cremated and their ashes are either scattered to the wind (or ocean…or whatever) or given to a family or friend to be locked away in a private residence.  But, that is exactly what happened to some of my favorite celebrities’ remains. And, I wanted to be able to, at least, pay tribute to them here.  So, I will be writing up entries on some or all of the following grave-less personalities at some point, if only to be able to type the following sentence:

“Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes were fired out of a cannon from atop a 150 ft. tall statue of a fist.”

Notable Cremations

Abbott, Bud
Anderson, Harry
Armstrong, Neil
Arnez, Desi
Brando, Marlon
Bridges, Lloyd
Callas, Maria
Chamberlain, Wilt
Chapman, Graham
Cobain, Kurt
Cooper, Gordon
Einstein, Albert
Fonda, Henry
Fosse, Bob
Garcia, Jerry
Gaye, Marvin
Grant, Cary
Hamilton, Margaret
Harrison, George
Henson, Jim
Hitchcock, Alfred
Joplin, Janis
Kahn, Madeline
Kelly, Gene
Lake, Veronica
Lawford, Peter
Leigh, Vivien
Lennon, John
Marx, Harpo
McQueen, Steve
Mitchum, Robert
Montgomery, Elizabeth
Petty, Tom
Post, Markie
Price, Vincent
Ramone, Johnny
Reeve, Christopher
Roddenberry, Gene
Schirra, Wally
Seuss, Dr. (Theodor Geisel)
Shepard, Alan
Swayze, Patrick
Thompson, Hunter S.
Turner, Lana
Verdon, Gwen
Williams, Robin
Winehouse, Amy

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