Forest Lawn Glendale

It’s been called the “Disneyland of the Dead.”  This massive memorial park has a lot going for it to draw even the most amateur gravers to its rolling hills and gorgeous statuary.  But, it is NOT a very welcoming place for those of us without family inside its gates.  Sure, there are some incredibly famous people buried here, but many are locked away from the general public in the mammoth Great Mausoleum or in any number of private and locked gardens.  Most notably, the 2009 burial of Michael Jackson shed a ton of light on the measures the security staff will go to make sure that those without access to these corridors, remain outside of these corridors. Occasionally, one may get lucky and stumble into a locked garden when it is open, but most of the time, they’re locked up tight.

That said, there are still a large number of celebs that you CAN visit here.  Just be respectful and don’t draw attention to yourself.


Notable Burials

Alda, Robert*
Allen, Gracie

Arness, James*
Baum, Frank L.*
Bogart, Humphrey*
Bow, Clara
Burns, George
Chaney, Lon*
Cole, Nat King
Cole, Natalie*
Cooke, Sam*
Curtiz, Michael*
Dandridge, Dorothy*
Davis, Jr., Sammy
Demarest, William*
Disney, Walt
Fields, W.C.*
Fine, Larry
Flynn, Errol
Gable, Clark*
Hall, Phillip Baker*
Harlow, Jean*
Jackson, Michael*
Knight, Ted*
L’Amour, Louis*
Ladd, Alan
Lloyd, Harold*
Lombard, Carole*
Marx, Chico
Marx, Gummo
MacDonald, Jeanette
Minnelli, Vincent*
Moore, Clayton*
Pickford, Mary*
Raymond, Gene
Skelton, Red*
Stengel, Casey*
Stewart, Jimmy
Taylor, Elizabeth*
Tracy, Spencer
Wells, Mary*
Young, Robert*

*- denotes a grave I have not yet located, visited or photographed

4 Responses to “Forest Lawn Glendale”

  1. do you have location/directions to Robert Alda’s grave?

  2. do you have location/directions to the Andrews Sisters, Joseph Barbera, Jim Davis, Samuel Goldwyn, Tom Mix and Ed Wynn?

  3. Robert Alda is buried in the Garden of Ascension off of Cathedral Drive. Roughly block 30. But I haven’t personally confirmed that. He’s not too far from Ted Knight. I do know that.

    Samuel Goldwyn is in a private locked garden.

    Tom Mix is in the Whispering Pines section. I don’t know where specifically.

    The others are all in the Great Mausoleum, which I have not been in. (Though, Patty Andrews is not buried here with her sisters. She’s in Westwood Memorial Park in the Garden of Serenity section.)

    • every little bit helps! thank you!

      I will be takin my own journey to these cemeteries in june, I want to get as much info as possible before hand to minimize search times as I will only be there for a few days. any advice will be much appreciated!

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