Ferncliff Cemetery

As close to an old-school Hollywood cemetery as you’ll find on the East coast.  Ferncliff is relatively small, but does have 3 large mausoleums.  The main one is a dastardly maze of a building with piped-in music that can be a little unsettling at times.  But the staff is friendly and there are plenty of celebs to visit and make a trip worth your while.


Notable Interments

Arlen, Harold
Baldwin, James
Calloway, Cab
Carlisle, Kitty
Crawford, Joan
Davis, Ossie
Dee, Ruby
Garland, Judy (former)
Hart, Moss
Haughton, Aaliyah
Kern, Jerome
Mabley, Jackie “Moms”
Mizell, Jason “Jam Master Jay”
Monk, Thelonious
Myers, Dwight “Heavy D”
Rathbone, Basil
Robeson, Paul
Sullivan, Ed
Tyler, Judy
X, Malcolm

*- denotes a grave I have not yet located or visited

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