Hillside Memorial Park

Notable Burials

Bacharach, Burt*
Benny, Jack
Berle, Milton
Booke, Sorrell
Cantor, Eddie
Carter, Nell
Charisse, Cyd
Diamond, Selma
Factor, Max
Freleng, Friz
Goldstein, Adam “DJ AM”
Goodson, Mark
Gormé, Eydie
Greenberg, Hank
Greene, Lorne
Hall, Monty
Howard, Moe
Janssen, David
Jessel, George
Jolson, Al
Landon, Michael
Leiber, Jerry
Martin, Tony
Morrow, Vic*
Murray, Jan
Nimoy, Leonard
Pleshette, Suzanne
Poston, Tom
Schwartz, Sherwood
Sherman, Allan
Sherman, Robert
Shore, Dinah
Spelling, Aaron
Winters, Shelley
Wolfberg, Dennis*

*- denotes a grave I have not yet located or visited

4 Responses to “Hillside Memorial Park”

  1. do you have the location/direction to Mickey Cohen’s grave?

  2. I don’t see Jeff Chandler’s grave at hillside you forgot to add him he’s buried in the mausoleum

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